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Here you can find relevant project information and technical requirements for the use of this web-site in a brief overview. If you have questions please do not hesitate to communicate with us via the contact form directly.  

Publishing and Responsibility © VOGUE consortium

The responsible consortium of the project VOGUE consists of the following institutes and enterprises:

  1. DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen
  2. Mobile Research Center (MRC) of the University of Bremen, Bremen
  3. OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH, Bremen
  4. NCP engineering GmbH, Nuremberg
  5. Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT, Darmstadt 

Design, text, graphic, and software © VOGUE consortium

Copy, replication, or another type of reproduction or usage of the information respectively materials of this web-sites is only possible with written approval of the VOGUE consortium. The VOGUE consortium is responsible for the contents of this Internet presence. For contents which result from passings to other suppliers of contents, the VOGUE consortium does not assume any responsibility or liability.

Technical requirements

This web-site is optimised for Internet Explorer as of 5.5 and Mozilla as of 1.5 on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Linux/MAC with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixel. A resolution of 1280x1024 is recommended, though. For an optimal representation JavaScript should be activated. For looking at some contents you need additional software, such as the Acrobat Reader of Adobe.


The implementation and the web-design has been realised by the company DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG (http://www.decoit.de).

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